How not to start a new year...

Normally I start the new year with a goals post of some kind but I've been too busy (stressed) to do that.  It's only January and I can only describe 2018 so far as hectic and anxiety inducing.😓 I've gained weight, had health issues, my job is beginning to annoy me, and I can't seem to consistently work on my book.


I'm bald + ebay sales!

If you guys haven't been updated on my Twitter or Youtube I'm bald, well I was.  A few weeks ago I got this random impulse to cut my hair, I had been thinking about it for months and finally did it.  I go much more into depth in my youtube video and I also show myself cutting my hair.  It was scary and freeing, please watch! 
This means I'm back on youtube and I'll be uploading regularly, for real this time, so if you're not subscribed I definitely recommend doing that.  I plan to turn my youtube into another version of my blog, nowadays you seem to reach more people through video.

Also I'm selling some things on my Ebay, mostly Gyaru magazines and clothes.  If you're interested please take a look


bad days are okay ❤

It's the middle of my first full work week and it's been a whirlwind.  My shift is very early so I have to go to sleep by 6 or 7 pm (I work in an airport).  Getting use to this hasn't been as hard as it sounds, thanks to melatonin.  For the first week we get free food, free fast food and I'm realizing how detrimental my relationship to food has become ever since I've lost weight.  It's funny I'll eat burgers, fries, or pizza gladly, then feel horrible about it right after and obsess over exercising.  My mind forces me to think I'll somehow gain all the weight I lost back.  

One week of semi bad food is not going to make me gain 50+ pounds but my mind thinks so.  So that's been tough to deal with, also when I get home I've been so tired and will crash (not doing anything productive) so the next morning I wake up extra early, (like at 1 am) to not only edit my book but also exercise.  Adding to that I'm also stressing over some money issues, adapting to work, and other minor things.

It's been exhausting.