college life !

Before I became a freshman in college I had a general idea of what college would be like; fun everyday, parties everyday, no parents to tell you what to do, you're free to have fun and do whatever you like.  Unfortunaltely that's exactly how college is; with no parents there to tell you what to do you tend to do things you normally wouldn't in my case it's missing class because I don't go to sleep until 4 am.  Right now even though school started two months ago I'm still trying to get use to the new environment, the freedom, and the dorms even though I don't have a roommate. -3-

Everyone pretends to dread getting the roommate but we all know we want one because that's apart of the whole college experience, I especially wanted one but they put me in a room by myself.  Now I'm kind of glad I'm by myself because I still have my suite mates.  :)

Classes are what you'd expect, they're difficult.  And there's always some special event happening.

For me college is boring so far LOL.

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