so frustrated...

Sometimes I wonder why I want to become an amazing gyaru so badly, it's become difficult due to my busy shedule.  I seriously don't have the time to really focus on my looks now that I'm a college freshmen.  I've haven't been paid yet from my job but I'm expecting a pretty hefty check, so as soon as that comes it'll be make up, clothes, and my hair done.


In this pic I do realize my eyes look like raccon eyes, but I took it last summer when I barely knew the first thing about make up ^.^

Also, I want to buy as many wigs as possible, for some reason my sister and my best friend thinks wearing wings is strange.  Although I do have thick hair I still want a wig because I've always dreamt about getting that awesome pink gyaru look.

Like Romihi, she's my fave gyaru.

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