finally MAKE UP!!

Tomorrow should be a pretty interesting day for me, I'm finally going to buy make up!!!  The entire purpose for my shopping trip tomorrow is to get make up and I'm excited!!  Ever since 9th grade I've been a super duper tomboy, and that wasn't by choice it was only because I had such low self esteem, and now that I feel confident with myself I'm finally beginning to care about how I look

so on to what I plan on buying....

1. FOUNDATION; since I have brown skin I plan on getting a color with a red/orange undertone

2. BLUSH; the colors I plan on getting range from peach to a light red. 

3. WHITE POWDER; in order to conture my nose GYARU STLYE!! LOL

4. LIQUID EYELINER: i've used it before and it glides on so easily :)


6. EYESHADOW; I really love pink and white colors

7. MASCARA; I'll wear this until I master the falsies!

tomorrow I'll try to post pictures of what I get!! XD

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