here's a pic of me without much make up aside from the purple eyeshadow, no contacts, light brown is my actual eye color :)

that's not my real hair (I WISH!!!)

here's a pic of me with my real hair.

do you think I have a long way to go before I can look like an amazing gal???
of course I'm not trying to look asian but Sakurina's make in this pic is flawless along with her hair!! 
I would love to have a hairstyle with this color, it's beautiful and super eye catching; it's the hairstyle I have dreams about XD

not too mention the nails!

it's not hard to see I have a long way to go before I look like an actual WESTERN GAL but I'm going to be working extra hard to become one.  my only fear is that my parents won't approve of style choice.  my stepmom who i'm super close too is completely against fake hair, nails, make up, basically everything that makes up a gal.  the fact that I want pink in my hair probably makes her cringe at the thought, and even though I love my stepmom I still want to do this.  it sucks though that she has such strong opinions on this type of thing.

but i gotta deal...

anyways are these not the most amazing shoes ever!!

pink, white, and black are my favorite colors, a match made in GYARU HEAVEN!!

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  1. Naww-- that long hair on the first pic looks perfect, length-wise, for the big barrel curl you see pretty often with gyaru. :]]

    And the make's not necessarily too difficult, despite the mannyy many variations. Focus is on big, intense eyes (often with falsies), and highlighting certain features.

    Then again, being a n00b with an interest in being a gal myself, I can attest that understanding the basics doesn't make it any easier to jump in. ; 3; I'm with ya in that boat...

    All the same, I'm sure you can do it! o:< ((Really, the biggest challenge to me is the fashion/wardrobe-- gotta' muscle up on my gal style~)

  2. I finally got the make up and like you wrote it's not hard at all!! People have seriously noticed the difference with my face :), just like you my real problem is the wardrobe I still have a long way to go before I really have the look entirely down!

    Thanks for the advice!! XD