So I was roaming Gyaru Secrets and I came across this secret which really pissed me off!

What does the color of their skin have to do with being gyaru??  I find it so funny when girls who aren't Japanese agree with this because what gives them the right to say their the only ones who look good with this style!  Obviously the person who makes the secrets went for the worst and unrelated pictures just to try and prove their point.  I've been looking at gyaru girls on the web who aren't black and they look absolutely horrible so I doubt the color of your skin really has anything to do with how to apply the right make up, put together the right coordinate, and have the right hair!  We black girls have different hair texture which makes it difficult to really copy the hairstyles but with effort WE LOOK GORGEOUS!!

I find it horrible and shocking that people would seriously bring racsism to the gyaru community, this isn't what being a gal is about!!

An example of an amazing black gyaru is Lisha from Black Cherry Galsa

She's beautiful, her make up is perfect, and she's black!  She's one of the best Gals on the web and an inspiration!  If you're reading this post whether you're a black gal or not never allow haters to get to you, just allow them to make you stronger!!

Sorry for the rant :)


  1. Whoever made that picture is ignorant. There are a ton of pretty black gyaru out there. I've seen asian girls who can't even pull the look off. Gyaru isn't an easy style. So, idk why they're even trying to compare apples to oranges. SMH

  2. I appreciate the mention, Lanelle! ^o^

    (always super duper late.....)