false eyelashes !

so as soon as I get back to school I'm finally going to start wearing false eye lashes on a daily basis and I'm supper dupper nervous!  to really pull off gal style make up effectively you have to have false eyelashes and I bought a lot of pairs and I feel like it's time to start wearing them but I'm afraid that i'm not going to look right.  I know that sounds super silly but I'm just afraid that they might fall off or people will start calling me fake.

to tell you the truth I'm not really worried about what people think I'm just worried I won't apply them right.  but I'm going to watch as many youtube tutorials as possible and when I finally do apply them I will post the outlook!  Wish me Luck! :D


  1. Oh my gosh, applying it right is so hard! The girls on youtube make it look so easy but it's not! Good luck!