getting healthy not sickly thin !!!!!!

I've decided that it's time that I start trying to tone my body, not losing a lot of weight or trying to look anorexic!!  my body isn't as toned or tight as I would like it too be and I want to change that!  the summer is coming soon and I want to feel sexy and comfortable in whatever type of outfit I wear.  even though i'm not really big i've always felt huge only because of the people around me, all of my friends are extremely thin along with my sister and cousin.   they've always rubbed in my face that i'm bigger or taller then them and it really got to me.  but i'm not losing weight to be like them i'm losing weight so I can get healthy.  i get headaches a lot, I can barely lift any weight and i'm out of breath just by going up a few flight of steps so.  I want to change that!!

If you're curious about my weight or progress please go read my weight loss diary! :D

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