two recommended books for weight loss !

for any other girls who are trying to lose weight the healthy way I have two books that i've read that have helped me A LOT, they're geared more towards teenage girls but if you aren't a teenager I think they're still helpful. 

This books is sooooooooooooo amazing!!  I read it when I was in eighth grade and I weighed 140 pounds after reading this I lost twenty pounds and still haven't regained much of it back!!  This book gave me healthy tips to eating right and great exercising tutorials as well.  There's also parts where other girls tell their stories about their weight problems and it made me feel like I wasn't the only one.  Please read this it will help you learn to get healthy!! 

I'm still reading this book but so far this book has been a great guide for me, especially helping with my eating habits.  It's very hands on meaning you'll be writing a lot, it also helps you with managing a food journal if that's what you want to do.  It goes into depth about carbs, calories, etc.  And it gives you a list of the healthiest food choices on fast food menus like mcdonalds!  Check it out it's a great book!! :D

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