Youtube Channel !

I've been slacking so much when it comes to my youtube channel, I've been so busy with schoolwork and now that I have a roommate I don't get much privacy to make one.  But I want to get back into the groove of making videos, I want to get so many subscribers and I want to share my gyaru journey with other girls (and guys) like me.  So the plan is for spring break I'm going to go crazy and try to make as many videos as possible.  :)

Also I keep having this urge to dye my hair pink even if it's just a portion, I really really really really really want pink hair sooooooooooooooo badly but I always think of my parents and I know they'd be so disappointed.  I'm about to be nineteen and I still do what my parents say, wow.  LOL  But they treat me like i'm twelve so it's hard not too.

I'll post soon, thank you for reading!


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