why ?

yesterday I got some terrible news, my parent's house burned down completely.  Like totally gone, nothing left.  I'm here at school almost three hours away so I can't go there and help them.  But i'm still in total shock, I can't believe that house is gone it's been there for years and years and years.  All of my parent's stuff, my brother's stuff, my stuff is completely gone.  My parents keep telling me I shouldn't be sad because the material things can always be replaced but I don't even care about my stuff it's the things my parents worked hard to get and now it's all gone.  They're at a hotel now trying to keep things together, my dad sounds calm and he keeps telling me that they can buy a better house now but I don't know, I still can't believe it.  I was up all night I couldn't sleep even if I tried I kept thinking about my family, I wish I can help them someway. 

Thank you whoever reads this...


  1. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- I feel like a douche-wad, having posted a happy, oblivious post to the post before this one. :[ Suffice to say, I hadn't seen this one yet....

    I.... think I am also in shock.. I don't even know how to try and comfort you. Obviously, I can only offer my deepest sympathies, and say that I know a little about what you're going through. (My parents' house back in Jamaica burned down back when I was reeally little and we lived there.)

    But really.... I just hope things somehow, someway work out for the best for you and your family. <333