I'm so happy, I might be getting my old job back and I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllly need it so this would be the best thing ever if I get it back.  I need so many things it's not even funny LOL I just hope and pray that I will get it and if I do I will work extra hard every day!  The top thing I want to buy is a blond human hair wig so I can dye it pink, I've wanted pink hair for a loooooooong time and I need it badly.   I also need a new gyaru wardrobe desperately I barely have anything that can be remotely qualified as gyaru.  As well as a subscription for EGG magazine, I like Popteen to but for some reason I'm way more drawn to EGG.


Also my birthday is coming up April 29th I'll be 19 and my friend is throwing me a party even though I've never had an extremely big party then again I've never had so many friends. :)   I just hope a good amount of people show up even if they do leave early LOL.

Here I am!!  I just took this picture yesterday and I was experimenting with my clip in extensions.  Even though they look okay in the picture they looked crazy in person, I need thicker ones T.T.

See you guys! :D

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