Gyaru attempt *no false lashes*

This isn't my first Gyaru attempt, I would never put that on the blog it was TERRIBLE but I've been wearing Gyaru make up everyday since my first attempt which was about a month or two ago.  Obviously this isn't the best and I'm still experimenting until I can get it where I want it to be.  This make is extremely tame and my goal is to get it wild, eye popping, and crazy!

Obviously no false eyelashes or circle lenses, I'll be posting that whenever I get the change to apply them...

(below is what I used)

So if anyone has good advice on how to make it better please give me your input I need all the help I can get. :)


  1. Well im glad you have an idea of the basics of the gyaru style make up ^^

    I would definitely use a primer for your eye make up

    Either urban decays or too faced cosmetics are good ones.

    I definitely think you could add more of the bright pink color so it is above your crease.

    Blending everything like the white in the corners so the lines dont look so harsh

    And blending out the black as well so its more of a smokey eye look ^^

    and then with the lashes and lenses you can progress from there~ I hope this was somewhat helpful O:

    If not feel free to hit me up


  2. Thank you for the advice I will definitely do those things! :D