Moving out !

  I still can't believe I took my last final yesterday, my freshman year just flew by.  I have so many memories in this dorm room and now I'm packing up everything.  Truthfully I'm not really leaving the campus since I'm moving in with my best friend and her boyfriend who live on campus but I am leaving this room.  As you can see below my room is in the process of being packed up and it SUPPPPEEEERRRR messy, LOL but it's always messy just ask my roommate.  I really really REALLY hope that this summer will be full of fun times and happy memories because these past few months have really been difficult.  My bestie keeps promising me that everything will be ok and we'll have fun but I don't know summer is never too good for me.  Also looking back on my old posts I've noticed I don't really post a lot of pictures and I promise future posts will have many!

Thanks for reading! :D

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