School ending, malls, and frisbees !

After this weekend next week will be that last week of school and I'm in shock that my freshman year is already over with.  It's been a pretty difficult year from adjusting to living without my parents, to the fire, and trying to keep my grades up.  This summer I'll be staying on campus taking summer classes but I still have to move out of the dorms, I'm going to move into my best friend Shavonne's townhouse with her boyfriend and I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing (living with a couple will probably get annoying).  I NEED A BOYFRIEND T.T  But Shavonne and I have been besties since 10th grade so I know things will work themselves out.  I'm going to start packing this week and moving things out, my last final is on Monday and I basically have the rest of the week to pack.  I wish I could be with my parents but I feel like I need to stay here so they can sort out what's happening with them. I don't want be in the way or a burden.  So I'm planning on staying here taking classes and going to work. 

 Anyways today was pretty fun even though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I thought I had a class and was upset because I had fell asleep after getting dressed (I couldn't sleep the night before) and my roommate Joclyn was gone (we have the same class) so I thought she left without waking me.  I got up and packed as fast as I could I was already almost 20 minutes late.  When I got there the class was empty so I texted Joclyn and she told me class was canceled.  When I got back to the dorm I was so upset because I was feeling sick and tired so I just went back to sleep.  That nap really helped me I felt so much better when I woke up.  Some friends invited Joclyn and I to play Frisbee and at first I didn't want to do it because I am the most nonathletic person ever but then it got so fun and I became super competitive.  It was basically Joclyn, Shavonne, Katie (Shavonne's roommate), Tyler (Katie & Shavonne's suite mate), and OJ one of our random guy friends.  The day was so clear and perfect everybody on campus seemed to be outside.

Afterwards everybody (except OJ) decided to go the mall.  Since it was Friday everything was pretty packed and I originally wasn't planning on buying anything.  But I got a few things :)

I got the Tutu from Hot Topic and immediately fell in love with it and it's soooooooooo Gyaru it's not even funny, I can't wait too wear it. :)

Thanks for reading! XD

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