Still moving and Gyaru Nachu!

Most of the people in my dorm is gone, I feel like I'm one of the last people moving out.  My roommates side is super empty, it's like she was never there and it's making me feel sad  T.T

And here's my side and obviously I still have a lot of work to do but I'm almost done!!  Also while I was procrastinating I discovered an amazing Gyaru...


I loooooooooove her hair, it's so amazing the flowers are extremely unique.  She's a member of the performance group sdn48, 26 years old, and I love her!!

Sh'e so pretty and you can obviously tell that she's not like most Japanese Gyaru who are toothpicks she has curves!  She tooooooo awesome, if you want to see more pictures of her heres links to her blogs.

Blog 1
Blog 2

Thanks for reading! XD


  1. O wow, Nachu is really cute! I always am attracted to gals who don';t look like the average "gal" lol. Thanks for blogging about her! :D