Summer Ambitions !

During the summer my top goals is too keep my job LOL and lose weight but I have two side ambitions that I'm hoping to accomplish along the way.

1. Write my Teen Fiction Novel
2. Take singing lessons and MAYBE form some sort of group

1. I've written many many many stories especially when I was in middle school and I do have three stories on the website fictionpress but I feel like it's time I make some sort of small profit off my books.  Let's be real I'm not going to become some best selling world wide author or whatever LOL but there are a bunch of sites where you can self publish (Indie) and make up your own price for your book.  My book won't be anymore than two dollars depending on how long it is.  The basic plot is a hardworking and brash girl attends a posh high school where she intentionally makes herself invisible.  Her only goal is too get into a top college and win a full ride scholarship (she's a senior), at this school the hierarchy is very typical the most popular and rich are at the top.  At the homecoming dance she accidentally bumps heads with two of the most popular boys in school and everything goes crazy from there.  :)  I will periodically update you guys on my story, if you guys have questions about please don't be afraid to ask!

2.  Ever since I was little people use to tell me I could sing, (my mom is a great singer so I guess I inherited it from her) but I never really took them seriously because as a kid I was soooooooooooo shy.  But now I really really really want to start singing, just as a hobby though!  I want to take singing lessons to improve my voice even if it's just for a choir, shower, or on a stage LOL.  Also watching so many kpop music videos has inspired me to form (or want to form) a girl group.  I'm going to admit when I was little during the whole Destiny's Child craze me and some of my neighborhood friends formed a girl group which didn't really work out, so I'm not really guaranteeing anything.  I don't want to be famous I just want to have fun and entertain people :) but even if I don't form a group I still will be taking lessons.  It would so awesome if there was an American girl group who promotes gyaru, I think if that girl group got popular enough there would be a lot more Gyarus in the US.  For some reason I don't really want that too happen I think Gyaru would turn out like the Scene style and everybody would do it just to do it, not because it's a lifestyle.  It would lose it's uniqueness.  Until then I will be taking lessons and I'll probably debut on my youtube channel :D


  1. Oh hey there fellow writer! Lol. I've been writing since middle school as well, I'm afraid I have a collection now but I don't know where to go with it with my constant rereads and revisions ><
    Good luck with everything

  2. Thanks and fictionpress.com is a great place where people can even review your stories :)