Updates !

I feel like the worst with the fire is over with, my parents are getting a new house built and all of our family and their neighbors have been so helpful.  They're staying in a trailer at the moment until the house is built which means they're probably isn't enough room for me to move back home for the summer.   So I'm probably going to have to stay here for the summer, which I'm not entirely sad about because I need to take summer classes, but I just really wanted to be with my family.  Also I finally turned 19, and im so shocked i'm almost 20 I still feel like that 16 year old who has to do what her parents say.  I don't think I look any different minus all the make up and bigger boobs LOL :)

so I have some goals for the summer loosing weight is the biggest one that I must/will accomplish, it's like the top of my list I plan on losing around 20 pounds.

Current weight: 130
Desired Weight: 108-120

It seems like a lot but I don't want to be a tiny skeleton that's the last thing I want to be, my image for the perfect body is this:

 They have figures, I want to have a figure but still be toned as well :)

Also another of my goals is to grow out my hair and I bought these two items after reading great reviews on them.

I really hope they help because although I already have pretty thick hair I just need so more length.  Here's a few of my other summer goals.

  • Create an awesome Gyaru make up routine (i've already been working on it, pictures coming soon!)
  • Buy a new Gyaru Wardrobe
  • Buy two wigs (pink one, and a brown or black one)
  • Get my driving lisense
  • Take singing lessons (I'm going to admit I want to be in a girl group LOL)
  •  Buy a Egg magazine subscription
So that's it for now, thank you for reading! XD


  1. I know what you mean, I'm turning 17 and I feel 13 most of the times. And good luck with your family, something similar happened with me and my family last year and my mom's friend is experiencing the same thing.
    I'm trying to tone up too, what exercise do you do?
    Good luck with everything!

  2. Thanks :) and my main exercises are walking (I walk A LOT), Para Para, Dancing (Kpop dances mostly), and basic exercises (push ups, sit ups, squats)

  3. Glad to hear things have improved somewhat: it's always amazing to see what friends, family, a community, etc. pulls together. C: <33

    And ooohh-- them's some admirable goals y'have there. (I'm aiming at getting two wigs, myself, actually. : D ) And I can't wait to see your progress with the makeup~