Big Update !

I'm sorry if It seems like I don't blog for long periods of time, I'm been soooooooooooo busy.

For the past few weeks I've been filling out job applications as well as going to interviews nonstop.  I've filled out so many applications I can't even count them all.  I'm in desperate need of a job not just to get money but I've moved back in with my mother and we don't exactly get along so the time away from her will be well spent.  Recently I got a big break and got an interview to work at Sears at the interview there I learned the job would be to work in the make up department.  To say I was elated is an understatement!  That very day I got a second interview with the head of the make up department and I was so nervous I was fumbling with my words and I couldn't think of the best things to say.  I really thought I was done for and that job would go to someone else but they called me back for a third interview!!!  

This is seriously my dream part time job.  If I don't get this I think I'm going to be extremely disappointed in myself but I guess that just means it wasn't meant to be...

Another thing I've been doing is working on my novel I plan to sell online for $0.99.  I've created a website for it but I'm still in the beginning stages.  My deadline is the end of the summer.  If you're curious about the website here's the link go crazy :) -> http://meanboysonline.webs.com/index.htm

Thanks guys for sticking with me, more posts on my Gyaru related life is coming soon!!



  1. Good Luck with Your interview I hope you get the Job ^_^

  2. Congrats on doing your thing at Sears! :]]

    Hope to hear more from you on the Gal stuff in the future~.