Do you have a lookbook ?

so I was browsing someone's blog and saw in their sidebar that they had a Lookbook from the website http://Lookbook.nu/.  This isn't the first time I've come across this website but I've always been interested in it but I find it soooooooooooo intimidating.  The top posters are people who basically look like models and have professional pictures or expensive cameras.  I'm just wondering do you guys have any lookbooks???

Also what do you guys think of these shoes?!  I LOVE them, but would they seem practical for the winter??


  1. Those shoes? Amazing~~. Practical for winter? Maybe if it's not icy?...

    And yeah, the top LookBookers are pretty intimidatingly SRS BSNS looking. @_@ I've seen a lot of non-intimidating girls have pretty good LookBooks, though, so really, anyone can join up~.

  2. Thanks, I think I might make a lookbook :)

  3. the shoes, its a campbell - i'm not a campbell fan but the colors are POW! i love it somehow!

    and you have the same lookbook complex as i have - i would never want to join because if ud remember in their early days its only for the invited, and they have such great style, but now i think they've accepted anyone everyone but i'd still not want to join, i feel quite sad that they're already 'a mass' n not exclusive. they had this kind of reputation and level of 'cool' compared to the other 'cute' or mass like weardrobe, chictopia, etc.

    ah well domo arigatou for following me i was surprised to see! and yay for hellokitty! keep in touch! xx