Work Haul !

So now that I have a job at Sears (starting Wednesday!) I had to get some new clothes that are black or white.  Because at Sears they have a policy that all of their employees much wear either all black, or black pants with a white shirt.  We can have our hair and make up however we want though :) as long as it looks neat.  So I went to the Mall yesterday and it was so packed!  I went to Wet Seal, Deb, and this store called 5-7-9 which are the only sizes in the store.

 All the bags that I had!

 Wet seal was also having this sale where they were giving away five t-shirts for twenty dollars so I also got five other black and white t-shirts.  I'm sooooooo happy we can wear make up, I've been working hard to get my Gal make down and besides the falsies I think I look pretty awesome :)  Also if you guys have recently been on Gal Secrets one of the secrets really stuck out to me.

Are we really back at this crap again?  I've seen plenty of people of all races mess up the Gal style so I feel like this poster is trying to start some racist crap.  It's ridiculous, anyways that it for now. :)


  1. Lovely little haul you have there miss lady! I used to be a huge sears fan back in the day, but I strayed away from them. I may have to check them out again..


  2. They should allow you to wear colours hahaha, sears will be a happier place XD.. the stuff you got looks cute!! I hope you like your new job ^^, and get discounts XD LOL!

  3. Thanks!! And we do get a discount card! XD

  4. What the heck is that Picture and why is mu picture on there? no one has permission to use my personal pics...

  5. A hater made that and put it on Gal secrets. :/

  6. Lol I'm the one with the pink wig, I was just messing with make, No one said it was a serious pic. People who post on G_S about others are obviously hating and afraid to admit it ;P Heads up high ladies.