Work Make up post!

This is the first post where I'm really showing off my make up, please be warned that I'm not perfect yet and my make doesn't exactly look Gyaru because I have yet to get some false eyelashes T.T 
before any of you point out I am aware that my foundation looks like a white mask.  I accidentally bought some foundation a tone lighter than my skin but in real life it's not this obvious :)

I'm not showing you guys this picture because of my make but only because I think I have very large eyes and I don't believe I need circle lenses.  But it's not that I wouldn't wear them it's just my eyes are overly sensitive and I don't think I'd be able to wear them for a long period of time.

My goal is to get my gal make somewhat similar to Cocona's make.

I know her make is super duper heavy and dramatic but I wear my make up extra heavy everyday, all I need to do is add false lashes LOL :)

So tell me what you guys think and I how I can improve! :)


  1. So you have gotten much better from the last time I checked in and helped you out 8D

    Well for starters yea it would REALLY help if you got some lashes. Girl its about TIME! ahha

    +More eyeliner+ black eyeshadow.
    You can still have color on your eyes but to really achieve the sexy gal look it takes a hella amount of eyeliner to give a cat eye look and a smokey eye.

    With you put the bottom eyeliner on like cocona.. don't be afraid to add more and moore to the bottom.. Really her eyeliner is far from her waterline. But when she takes a photo it doesnt look that bad. So don't be afraid to cake it on ^^


  2. Thanks!! And I'm definitely getting some lashes soon! :)

  3. I really like your make, it would look even better with some heavy lashes :)

    So glad to find another girl who likes cocona btw :D

  4. Thanks! XD yeah and Cocona is awesome :)

  5. wow thats nice..

    i hope i got those skills like yours in doing make up... Im a newbie ^_^
    hope to see you wearing those dramatic lashes..


  6. I love to write young adult fictional books.
    and just short stroies about all sort of different genres. :)

  7. You look pretty! An Like you said you need some lashes. An maybe some blush & contouring next time.
    This website sells lashes for a decent price Madamemadeline.com
    An elf makeup has lashes for a dollar eyeslipsface.com
    This website sales high end makeup at discounted prices.

    P.S. Your skin looks GORGEOUS!! :-)

  8. Thank you sooooooo much for the link!! :)

  9. i like her makeup :) and your skin looks great :D
    i always get the wrong shade foundation, but i always shop too dark :( lol
    thanks for following me by the way :D i followed back :)

  10. Your blog is very interesting, since you`re trying to become a gyaru. I`m trying to be bit more gyaru- like, too =) Love your make-up photos =))
    And I`m also following you back ^^