i'm a boring blogger... and KPOP!

I've come to the realization that I'm an EXTREMELY boring blogger.

I never really post a lot of pictures and I rarely talk about my life or show photos of my friends and family.  I definitely promise to try and show more pictures and become more adventurous with my posts.  My only excuse is that my life is currently very uneventful.  I barely have many friends since I'm living in a new area, no boyfriend, and at work nothing happens.  But I promise to make better posts and to show more pictures of my face and make up.  I just HATE HATE HATE taking pictures of myself since I don't believe I have the overall gyaru look I'm trying to achieve.  Not that I'm saying people who take pictures of their gyaru attempts shouldn't but I just don't believe I should.  I'm not going for the typical 'dolly' gyaru look.  To tell you the truth I really don't like that look too much I like things that look wild and crazy.  If I had the time I would be manba.  But I'm too chicken and lazy for all that.  

I'm getting my hair done VERY VERY VERY soon like the end of the week soon.  And I'm pretty nervous that the person doing my hair won't give me the look I'm trying to achieve.  I want to have three different colors in my hair.  I know I want pink and brown for sure but I don't know if the third color should be blue or blonde.

Something like this.

Also I've fallen in love with KPOP, not just love but obession it's soooooooooooo amazing I'm so happy I've discovered it.  Even though KPOP is obviously influenced by American music it's still so vastly different and unique.  I've also been watching Korean variety shows KPOP idols are put on and I love them as well.  I've noticed those shows are so different than the shows we have here in America.  They're much more entertaining, funny, and kind hearted unlike here in America where our shows consist of a lot of cursing, violence, and sex espeically on reality shows.  My favorite show is Hello Baby with Shinee raising a young two year old.  It's so funny and cute!  My favorite idol is Minho whose also in Shinee he's freaking gorgeous, sexy but cute at the same time, and he's super mature even though he's only 18 or 19.


Also here's a really funny example of how light hearted Korea is with their variety shows :)

Thanks for reading :P


  1. I feel ya~ If your not ready to post pictures of yourself then you don't have to. Its always nice to put a face to the words but it is your blog.

    Have fun getting your hair done! I've always afraid to dye my hair wild colors. I don't want to come off as "Ghetto" and not "GAL" I always have to remember that when I dress gal.

    I think if you just get a gal magazine, false eyelashes you can just play around with the make up. No one is perfect when they start off. Hell even sometimes my make up sucks ass. So don't feel bad ^^

  2. I just saw your comment! LOL :) Thanks so much!
    Hope you're doing good.

  3. Thanks so much!! It makes me happy that someone out there reads my blog!! Thank you Gal!!!♥
    Tan Gyarus are for forever!!:)