my gyaru inspiration and small make up update !

This post is basically about which Gyaru models (and AV model) really influences me to become a goodlooking gyaru.  I really like these models because of how unique their looks are.  Nowadays I feel like every gyaru is starting to look similar but these models are very different.

I really like her because she was one of the first Gyarus I've ever seen (on internet), her colorful style really inspired me to want to look different and stand out among a crowd.  Nowadays she's more onee Gal but she still looks amazing!

I've only recently discovered her but I think she is so pretty, and I love her facial features (as weird as that sounds T.T)  She has a great smile and I love that her skin has a tan to it.

It's pretty obvious why I like her, she's VERY unique.  Her photos always give off a fun energetic vibe, she dresses somewhat tomboyish but still feminine, she's awesome! 

Her nails are always amazing and in her photo shoots she always has the best outfits and make up.


Lastly Cocona has become a HUGE inspo due to her heavy make up.  It's so thick and black but I love it sooooooooooooo much T.T.  I've been working hard to get my make somewhat similar but I can't any falshies similar to hers. 

And now the make up update!!!

So I think I figured out how to apply false eyelashes, I bought a flalse eyelash applicator and now I'm not as afraid that I'm going to blind myself.  But now I'm trying to find some false lashes that as similar to the style that Cocona wears.  I really like how big and bold those are, if anyone knows what they called or any similar ones please tell me. 

Thank you very much for reading!!  XD


  1. I love Kanako and Sakurina<3
    They are so awesome^^
    hehe, but my fav is definitely Guri and Gura(Well in top 10xD)


  2. I love sakurina :D, but my fave is tsu-chan and mizzukitty :D

    btw, i want to invite you to join my mini giveaway, hope you like it ^_^


  3. Sakurina and Cocona = <33

    Congrats on getting closer to comfortably applying falsies! Lord knows I'll never get this far at my pace. xD

    And maybe Coco doubles up lashes?...