My sort of secret life as a writer !

As long as I can remember I've always had stories swirling in my head.  I daydream A LOT (even now).  Around fifth grade I wrote my first story which was a twelve page Sailor Moon fanfiction, in sixth grade during class I begun free writing in one of my notebooks during class and that led to my first ever novel.  Before I had a computer I filled notebooks and notebooks with full length novels.  I love writing teen fiction, fantasy, romance, action, but nothing cliche.  I never wrote short stories it's seriously nearly impossible for me to write less than 10 pages.  I never told many people about my stories or allowed anyone to read them because I really didn't want any criticism.  Two years ago I discovered Fictionpress a place where you can post your stories online and get reviews from other writers.  I managed to get a good number of reviews.  That really opened the door for me to online publishing.

Nowadays I'm planning on selling the novel I'm currently writing for online 99 cents.  I haven't told my family about selling my book but my friends really support me and they know I'm a great writer.  If anyone is interested in learning about that book here's the link to the website here. Ask me any question about it :) I just wanted to make this post to let everyone know about my writing.

Thanks for reading! 



    And yeah... I used to be really into writing... REALLY into it. Then I hit college and it just draaiinedd out of me... so did drawing, actually..

    ANYWAY, that's really cool that you've been pursuing/continuing with something you love for so long. :] Especially if it can bring you some income, now, too. ;P Best of luck making even mroe waves with your talent(s).