I'M BACK !! ♥

I know I haven't been gone for a super long time but I bet you guys are wondering why I suddenly disappeared...probably not but I'll tell you guys anyways. :)

My mom and I do not get along AT ALL, I know it's super strange for a girl to not get along with her mother but for some reason me and her do not click on massive levels.  She's mean, cheap, and expects you to give her everything but won't give back anything in return.  I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bashing my own mom I do love her it's just sometimes I think she purposely tries to make my life worse than it has to be.  Also I think she's jealous of me.  Let me explain.  My mom looks VERY young for her age she's 41 but can pass for someone in their late twenties she even has a boyfriend whose 26.  Whenever we're in a mirror especially if my body is showing in someway I think she's comparing herself to me which is INSANE!  She steals my make up, clothes, and shoes but calls me crazy when I confront her about it.  I love my mom but I wish I had the money to find my own apartment.

Unfortunately I don't.

Long story short she didn't pay the cable bill which is also connected to the Internet so the Internet got turned off. 

MEH -_- That's how I felt about it.  So I took my own life in my own hands and got my own Internet which I pay the bill so I won't have to worry about her lagging on it.  She always says I'm too connected to the Internet but she doesn't understand this is my only connection to anything Gyaru.  I can't just find a magazine about it in the stores because it's a Japanese lifestyle.  Yeah I could go to the library but having only an hour on cramped smelly computers with fifty little kids breathing down your neck is just a nightmare.  AND I really really really REALLY missed reading blogs.  Ever since I've started getting into the whole Gyaru thing I've seriously become addicted.  I love seeing what my favorite bloggers write about next especially if it's something related to gyaru. 

So that's what happened. Lol.

Also if anyone is interested I think I've improved EXTREMELY with my gal make.  Putting on lashes is so easy for me now and whenever I wear my make up I ALWAYS get a lot of attention.  My goal is for people who know what Gyaru is to regcozine me as one if they saw me walking down the street. Like saying.
"Hey, that girl looks like a Japanese Gyaru."

That is my dream come true =3
Sorry if this post is super long and boring.

Thanks to all of my followers who read my posts even if you don't comment. Thanks.

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  1. I know what you mean about whole jealous Mom thing. I feel like that to sometimes.