Involuntary weight loss, work load fears, and new tumblr account !

   If you've followed my blog for a while you'd know that I've been somewhat trying to lose weight.  Nothing extreme just about five to ten pounds, my starting weight was 130 pounds.  My living situation has affected my weight loss and overall appetite tremendously.  I live with my mom and she rarely has food in the house, like VERY rarely.  We do eat everyday but I don't exactly like her cooking so even then I don't eat.  At work I never eat lunch and that's only because I never have money to buy lunch and I always forget to pack a lunch or eat breakfast.  The days I work eight hours I NEVER eat and when I do have the money to eat for some reason my body won't take it and I never finish or barely start.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  My mom and friends say it's because I need to eat healthier but I don't know how to do that.  Also I'm getting headaches more often and I'm starting to feel dizzy and I think that's because of my caffeine intake.  I drink Mountain Dew EVERYDAY sometimes I can drink a whole liter by myself in one day.  It's really terrible, every few months or so I have a Mountain Dew cleanse where I stop drinking the stuff for a month then something happens and I start drinking it again, it's super addicting and bad for your health.  It gives me really bad headaches but I can't stop.  I don't know my exact weight at the moment but I do think I've lost some pounds.  My pants are loose, my face feels slimmer, (as weird as that sounds) and I think I'm starting to see my ribcage on my chest.  I hate how I've been feeling and I'm trying to find ways to become healthy.  I am not anorexic nor will I ever be.  I don't want to look shapelessly thin, not saying girls who are that thin are ugly just for me I don't think I would look right.  Sorry if this seems like I'm ranting or complaining I just wanted to get my feelings out.

  So also as you guys know I've sort of decided that I want to become a flight attendant.  Well before I become one I plan to go to this school called the Travel Academy which specializes in teaching people the fundamentals of being in the travel industry.  The school lasts six weeks, five days a week, from 9 till 3 in the evening like a typical school day.  My worries are I'm trying to get a second job for the week days because my current job at Sears seems to only want me to work during the weekends which is definitely not enough hours for me.  I'm worried if I have two jobs and school I'm not going to have time for ANYTHING.  I have a lot of other things going on but I have a feeling it's going to be hard trying to focus on anything else.  But I WILL update my blog!

Lastly, I just created a tumblr if anyone is interested. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your diet situation. @_@ Yeah. The caffeine thing needs to stop permanently, definitely. Well, at least at the high levels you're taking it in.

    And yeah-- I had some involuntary weight loss myself, in my freshman year of college: my meal pla, like, ran out, so I was stuck with what I had in my room (vegggies, fruit, healthy snacks, etc.) and what I can stomach from my food. (The salads, and the vegetarian options. Occasionally, a few fries.) 15 pounds in one semester, man. @_@ I TOTALLY get what you eman about feeling your face slim down...

    AnYWAY, what all do you mean by you're not sure how to eat healthier? Like, you're not sure what's healthy enough, how to make a healthy meal, where to get stuff, etc.

    Because you can really just start off slow with going healthy. Instead of the hamburger you might regularly have, perhaps try a turkey burger instead. (This is pretty much all I've ever eaten at my house: we don't do much red meat ever...) Uh, instead of just having eggs in the morning, make a southwestern omelet (pepper, onion, tomato, etc.). Just tweak your 'usual' stuff. Maybe replace the butter with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter if you use it on toast/bread a lot.

    Generally, if you cook with oil and use crisco or something, try using canola or vegetable oil. (Again, this is what I grew up using.

    I duunnooo''. @_@

  2. Thanks for the tips! :)

    I wrote I didn't know how because it's super hard for me to change...

    I just love mountain dew, LOL!

    Thanks for reading!

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