Work, Friends, & Hair !

I made an earlier post about getting my hair done again and that it'll be super duper fire engine red.  

Now I've kind of changed my mind. Let me explain.
My job wasn't given me a good number of hours so I thought I wouldn't be able to afford the extensions I wanted which is the Cuticle Remy XQ.
This hair is expensive but it's extremely good quality and ideal for African American women because the texture is sort of similar to our hair texture.  I thought I wouldn't be able to afford it so I settled for a cheaper brand and bought one pack in a red burgundy color.
Recently my job has been super generous and they've given me a butt load more hours. So now I think I can afford the hair, Diamond Lashes, get my gal nails, and even get some clothes!   
Now what I plan to do is to get some honey blond hair at the top of my head, black or dark brown for the long bottom layers with a mix of the red burgundy at the bottom.
I know.  
It sounds really weird and confusing.  Here's some pictures that have the idea that I'm going for.

I know you're still confused LOL...

On to work!

As most of you already know I work at a department store as a cashier and it's a very rewarding yet demanding position especially when we're having sales.  And we're always having sales.  Today I went to work and I wore my usual Gal make without lashes, I just forgot to contour.  Not too sound snobby, conceited, or self absorbed I'm seriously one of the most self conscious people on the planet but when I wear my Gal make I always get A LOT of attention mainly from males.  Even if my hair doesn't look so great.  Today while at the cashier a man came up to me to purchase his items and I started to ring everything up normally when I saw that he had Cinnabon on his shirt.  Now Cinnabon is a well known place where you can purchase big delicious gooey cinnamon rolls.

Anyways he was like yeah I own the Cinnabon by here.  I thought that was super cool so I said wow that's awesome.  After that I could feel him stare me down than he asks me if I'd like a free Cinnabon I said yes that would be awesome!  I didn't bring money for lunch and had nothing to eat for hours so he texted something on his phone and told me to go to the Cinnabon by the store I work in so I did.

And they gave it me.

I don't know why I find this so shocking and surprising it's not a terribly big deal but I've never gotten so much male attention.

And I think my Gal make is really big part of it.

Though sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming like one man almost grabbed my arm while I was walking to work to get my attention it really surprised me.  At work ALL of my male co-workers flirt with me including a few of the old guys, yuck.  Complete strangers have come up to me just to tell me I'm beautiful not that I'm complaining about that hearing someone say that to me made me feel warm inside.  On the train I always feel people staring and at the bus stop I almost try not to stand out because those guys are just too weird for my taste.  My mom tells me I'm gorgeous and I should try to have a visual job. Like acting, hosting, etc.

But I don't know how I feel about all this yet.

In high school I was as plain as they came, no make up, no extensions, no nails, just me.  Quiet, lonely me.

Speaking of lonely I do wish I had other friends who were into Gyaru as much as I am.  Like someone in Minnesota who actively lives the Gyaru lifestyle, I feel like I'm in my own bubble sometimes and everyone else is outside of that bubble.  I know that there is a Gal Circle here in Minnesota -> Knockout Nago sa!  But I don't want to try and join that until I feel like my style is as developed as I think it could be.  For some reason when it comes to my Gyaru style I'm a perfectionist.  Which is mainly the reason I rarely post pictures of my make, I want it to look perfect!  I'm sorry about that guys!  Everything will come together soon PROMISE and I'll not only post pictures of my make but of my coordinates as well so stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much for reading! :)

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