Gyaru -> Madd confidence !!

Today I finally wore some false eyelashes to work but they weren't my Dollywinks they were just a normal brand because I wanted my eyes to get use to the feel of the lashes first.  

Here they are !

And here's some pictures of me with them on ! WARNING MY HAIR AND CLOTHES ARE SO UN-GAL I WAS GOING TO WORK :)

At first I was extremely nervous because I've never even gone out the house with false eyelashes on and it was windy but I used my Dollywink glue and they stated pretty secure.  Even though they're not dramatic I still got lots of looks.  Wearing these really made my love for Gyaru grow because now I want even longer bolder lashes and I never want to take them off!

I want my make to look like this!!

I don't know if wearing these lashes gave me any confidence but I did get the number of the really hot guy at work!  Surprisingly we have a lot of things in common   *____* 

Thanks for reading!

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