I'M A LAME ---__---

I feel so lame reading everybody's blogs and seeing the fun things they've done today.  Seeing how it is Halloween everybody should be having fun....WELL NOT ME!!  I had to work today and not only did I have to work but I had to be in an entire department ALONE.  FOR SEVEN HOURS.  It was super annoying and I wanted to look cute today so I wore this long clip in ponytail and it seriously cut off the circulation to my brain and I got the worst headache of my life.  Worst of all Riley wasn't even there so I sorta looked cute for nothing.  (Not that I wouldn't look cute if he wasn't there, I always try to look my Gal best :) )  It was nice though seeing all of the little kids (and some grown ups) dressed in their costumes they were so excited to get candy.  Even some of my coworkers dressed up and I didn't even know we could dress up until the last minute I was so mad.  

Also I've been suddenly getting this urge to wear gloves, not just gloves for cold weather but pretty lacy ones.  At work we have to wear black, white, or beige and I think my outfits are so bland and unGal like.  I think pretty gloves might spice them up better. 

And some a little more leather-ish and biker-ish :)

Not that it's super important but lately on the streets a lot of people have been asking me if I'm Ethiopian.  I think Ethiopia is a place in Africa but I'm not sure.  Don't get me wrong I think Ethiopian women are beautiful here's a picture of an Ethiopian model.  

But I'm not Ethiopian LOL, I tell people that I'm only African American which isn't exactly true.  On my Dad's side he's mixed with something I'm not exactly sure what lineage but I know he has some Caucasian mixed in him.  He's very light skinned, with hazel green eyes, and curly hair.  Which I think is sort of weird because my Grandparents are both African American.  My mother says her Father was Puerto Rican not that I know because I've never met my mother's Dad because he died before I was even born and I've never seen pictures of him.  I have a screwy family --__--  Also you guys can't really tell in my pictures but in real life I have VERY light brown eyes.  Like way lighter than a typical brown eye color.  I could never really tell until people started complementing me on them which I still find strange they look typically brown in my opinion. 

HERE'S MY ULTIMATE DERP PICTURE...I took this on my horrible cell phone after a nine hour shift at work so what do you expect!  And yes those are horribly blended clip in extensions...

Thanks for reading, please comment if you like! :D

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