Loveless at Work & Make up Gets !

Today I worked for almost nine hours and as you guys might know I work in a department store and you want to know where they always put me.  TOOLS.  Why? Why? Why?  Of all the girly departments my long shifts are always in tools...  The only good thing about it is being surrounded by guys.  Not to sound skanky.  One guy in particular his name's Riley and he's GORGEOUS and every girl in the store knows it.  And SERIOUSLY I don't like guys who a trillion other girls like I didn't really even notice him until one day he gave me this heart melting cute sexy overloading smile...  And I couldn't get it all of my head.  When I work in tools he works at this other section and our registers are across from each other and I can always feel him staring and sometimes I look in his direction...you know that kindergarten stuff.

I don't think I like him I just think he's really good looking and he's a little older -> in his twenties.  He has a car and his own place I remember telling one of my coworkers that I'm 19 and he overheard and he was super surprised and seemed a little disappointed :(  Today he didn't come in for work but he made a stop by and when I saw his smile my heart nearly stopped and it was at the same time I was checking out a customer! LOL  But as much as I would love to be with him I know it won't happen because I was talking to another one of male coworkers and he was telling me how Riley was getting all close with our manager of the make up department Natalie.  I wasn't surprised she's BEAUTIFUL, great body, pretty hair, and her make up is flawless.  They look great together...

I just need to get him out of my head now but it's super hard when you're spending almost nine hours across from each other :)

Also today I got some make up which I wasn't supposed to get but I can't help it!!  If I feel like I need something to improve my Gal make then I'm going to get it.

Eyebrow Pencil

Liquid Liner

Sparkling White Eyeshadow

Lengthening Mascara


And guess what I found in the tools department today :)

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