My hair...

I never post pictures of my hair I only do when I have extensions so if you guys are curious here's some pictures.  I'm not wearing any make up :)

I was attempting to do this hairstyle but failed...

My hair is extremely thick and even though there seems to be brown streaks in it I haven't dyed my hair in almost two years.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Your hair is so pretty and thick. I'm jealous! The hairstyle you tried may not be exactly like the picture but it's still really cute.

  2. I`ve been waiting for the hair pictures! I love your hair, it`s so healthy and strong looking! And color is pretty, too! *__*

  3. Your hair is awesome for not having been tampered with dyes for over 2 yrs!

    YOU could totally pull off the look! Just need deeper side part, more teasing/hair spray and possibly pinning the side back a bit more. I say try again and show us! :)