My NON Gyaru Inspiration !!! *Olivia SPAM*

So if this girl wasn't a Guidette I'd think she was a Gyaru from her hair to her nails it screams Gyaru in my opinion.  Her name is Olivia and she's known from the show Jerseylicious for anyone whose never heard of it it's about hairstylists and make up artists in New Jersey.  Even though Olivia is my bias I think all of the cast members look amazing.  You guys should watch this show it's AWESOME!

Love her!!! Thanks for reading :)


  1. I love that show and I love Olivia! She's hot as fuck and her swag is over 9000!!! ^0^ lol <3

  2. I've never heard of Jersilicious but it sounds interesting! Maybe it just doesn't play on tv out here... maayyybe I could find it online?

    Well, thanks for this new find!