New and better night !

So sorry guys for the small but depressing post I made yesterday.  I let my mother's antics get to me but anyways today I feel much better especially since I finally downloaded the current issue of Egg.  There wasn't the biggest number of outfits in this issue but it was still really satisfying and cute.  I got some really good ideas of what I want to get for my upcoming shopping spree (hopefully).  My favorite part was the Kanako inspired coordinates.  Soooooooooooo cute!  

There's also these examples of Gal make and I found one that I think best describes how I'm trying to wear my make.

And in the magazine is also a false eyelash guide kind of which is really helpful to me at the moment because I'm ordering diamond lashes soon :)

So this is just a quick post, hope you guys like it!

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