Quick Gyaru RANT !

 This Gyaru secret and this quote from an anon really got me thinking of what being a Gyaru has become nowadays.

(anon quote) "THIS. That is the look that got me interested in gyaru few years ago, the style has changed so much. It was about being tanned and "Get wild and be sexy". Now it is all about circle lenses , pale skin and how close can I get to look as a human doll?"

I never really agree with a lot of things the anons say on Gal Secrets because they're always nasty and mean but I completely agree with this person.  I understand that styles evolve but Gyaru in the Western Community is becoming this completely different thingI see myself still as a beginning Gal so I'm not perfect nor am I great at pulling off the gyaru style.  Yet.  But from what I see a lot of the other newbie girls don't realize that becoming a gyaru isn't just about wearing big circle lenses and false eyelashes.  I do think the Popteen look is pretty but it's not everything Gyaru represents.  People are forgetting where everything started and how the Gyaru motto was Get wild and be sexy; not let's all look like dolls!

I think that's why so many girls are loving the AV Gyarus because they look like original Gals.  Tanned, lot's of make up, flashy sexy outfits, and mile long false eyelashes.  Nevermind their profession.  I'll admit that I love AV gyarus no matter what anyone says.  So that was my quick rant sorry to anyone who doesn't agree with me but I can't please everybody LOL !

Thanks for reading!


  1. I totally agree with you! I find that gyaru just isn't what I fell in love with anymore. I understand that styles progress but I'm still clinging to the "Get Wild and Be Sexy" era and won't give it up for anything XD