shirt haul & mean boys !

Today I went to the mall to get my little brother some things for his birthday which is Saturday he'll be nine :) but I had some money left so I got myself a few Gyaru inspired shirts.  Be warned they're all a lot bigger than my actual size (especially the yellow one) because I like my shirts to be loose on me.

It's not the biggest or the most extravagant haul but one of those will be coming up SOON, promise.  As well as some outfit posts, I'm sure a lot of you guys want to see how I'll put together my Gyaru coordinates :)

The other topic of this post is Mean Boys: my unfinished fiction novel.  I really want everyone to read it and give me their opinions on it but at the moment I have the absolute worst writers block imaginable.  I'm only on chapter six and I still have a bunch more chapters to write/edit and my goal was to get this done before New Years.  I just don't know how I can focus on it my mind is always super scattered it's really annoying.  I do have the time now to write but I will be starting school in Janurary hopefully and I defnitely know I won't have time then. 

Anyone have any cures for writers block LOL :)

Thanks for reading!

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