I watched this trailer that really got me thinking about how people view skin tones, mainly dark skin and pale skin.

Watching this made me a little angry because they're basically depicting black or dark skinned women as really self conscious people who hate their skin.  Truthfully I have heard people say nice things about light skinned people and bad things about dark skinned people.  I remember coming across a Gyaru video which showed pictures of very tanned Gyaru models.  Someone commented that they shouldn't tan their skin because men prefer pale skin to see the girl blush.  I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP someone actually put that like this is the early 18th century or something.  I have no problem with skin tone, I like all shades so to see stuff like this is shocking to me it's like we're still in the 18th century or something.  I feel like your skin tone is what you make of it, if you're dark skinned you should embrace it, if you're pale and you like to tan well TAN.  It all comes down to if you want to be happy.  You'll always have haters no matter how dark or how pale you look so there's no use trying to please them. 

This brings me to the Gyaru topic similarly I feel like newbie Gals nowadays think you have to please anons in order to be a great Gal.  If you keep thinking like this you'll become a clone and that's not what Gyaru is about it's about standing and being WILD!

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  1. Truth is, most dark skin women are really self conscious/hate their complexion. I wish it wasn't true but it is. It's they way we were brought up with the lighter the better and it doesn't help when you face it as a child and other children are poking at your dark skin. This is the reality. Not everybody is confident in their complexion.

  2. This is truly sad But i know how it is. I don't consider myself dark skin but just being light brown i have heard these types of things such as you would look better lighter or you're cute for a dark girl so i can relate. I think people just need to be comfortable with who they are.

  3. I was the only dark skinned child in my family for a while and for the longest time I felt like the black sheep of the family. Everybody else had light skin and I wondered why I was the only one. When I was in Florida I refused to go outside when I was younger because I didn't want to get darker. For me, it took making friends and being in relationships with people outside of my race for me to appreciate my skin color and now it's kind of an after thought instead of an issue when I look in the mirror.

  4. @Najia Barbie it's a sad reality :(

    @Sakura Me too! I've had similar issues but not with skin color and this really opened my eyes. People need to live life and love themselves.

    @Rinny My friends have helped me as well :)

  5. It really is a sad and pervasive problem. I know that originally, I was persecuted for my skin color. But I just learned (and surprisingly easily so) to just ignore people's ignorant comments. Why tell them that I think dark skin is just as great as light skin when I can show them? I wear daring, bright makeup looks all the time and people LOVE IT!

    I know that some darker skinned gyarus may feel a little inferior because it seems like most gyarus are light skinned, but there are quite a few dark skinned girls doin it right--- and they have blogs too!

    But on a more positive note, even though I do feel that sometimes it is hard not to just give up and think that light is right when that's all we see getting promoted on the fashion ads and T.V., I gets easier as alot more darker skinned girls start to make blogs and become gyaru. When I see all of these gorgeous blogs (such as this one) with equally gorgeous gals blogs I get inspired! ^_^


  6. @MyuMyu Thanks so much for commenting!! :)