Gets and make up advice !

Here's a few of the things I bought, some I just got and others I've had for a while!  So I heard a lot of positive reviews on this foundation and that it's supposed to rival a MAC foundation.  I do think it's awesome but I accidentally got two shades lighter than my skin tone so I look pale when I wear it.  :(  It's so annoying!!

I also got these extensions from Sally's Beauty Supple.  They're human hair and they feel amazing!!  But a fair warning they're 60 dollars each and are terribly thin so if you guys want to buy them make sure you get more than one pack I plan to buy one more pack but I'm unsure if I should get a red, black, brown, or light blondish brown.

I got these boots for work, they're from Sears and cost me only 24 dollars!  I really love them! :)

I bet you're wondering what these are well...yep these are bra pads LOL!  I really wanted them cause they were 16 dollars online without shipping.  I'm only a little disappointed because I thought they would be a little bit more full.  

As for the make up advice can someone PLEASE direct me to a long lasting eyeliner.  I would prefer pencil because this is for my waterline,  I like to put A LOT of eyeliner on my water line just like Serina.  But whenever I do this by the end of the day I feel like it looks super faded.

It can be drugstore or high end because I think I'm willing to spend up to 25 dollars on an eyeliner at this point :).

-----Personal post below-----
Also to get into a more personal topic some of you guys wanted to know about the big secret of Mr. Hottie at work well...he was a heroin addict.  I know it's super intense!  He came here for treatment, but he's clean and much better now.  When I learnt about it I was in shock because in my opinion he doesn't look or seem anything like the typical addict.  For some reason it made me more interested in knowing about him but at the same time it freaked me out!  He's a great guy though and a DJ.  Did I tell you guys that?  He's into Drum and Bass, as well as Dubstep.  The most people he's had in a crowd is 1500 which I think is a lot.  He even knows a really famous Drum and Bass group Pendulum.  I think that's the name.  He's a great guy I really like him and we surprisingly have a lot of things in common.  I just don't think he wants to like me because of the whole age difference thing. 

Thanks for reading! :)

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