My terrible shopping day, pics, & INFLUENSTER.COM !

Written 11/5

Today I got paid, and not only did I get paid but it was a pretty hefty check and I went kind of crazy LOL but all the stuff I bought is stuff I NEED to bad I have to return half of it.  Let me explain after a pretty good day at work I was really happy and excited so instead of going straight home I decided to buy some things.  So I bought EXPENSIVE Victoria's Secret bras, sweaters for work, work pants, boots, and some gloves.  I was really satisfied with these purchases until I got home and tried everything on.  The pants were the first disappointment even though I got a size 7 they were EXTREMELY big.  Like overly big, I lost weight.

I guess.

I'm now a size 5.

Both of the Bras I bought fit me terribly, sooooooooo tight and uncomfortable.  The sweaters were in Men's sizes so they were huge.  But I don't mind that too much since I like my shirts to fit loose.  The boots are pretty hideous and squeeshy, I only got them because they were cheap.

Note: Stopped Writing because lost interest -_-

Here's some Gloves I bought that day and a picture of me...

Sorry Guys for the terrible post above I wrote it a few days ago but even though I didn't think it's very interesting I've decided to post it anyways.  As you can see I sort of changed some things around with my blog but I'm going to admit I'm still not satisfied with it.  I wanted it to become something a little more unique and inspiring.  Not your typical "I'm-a-Beginning-Gyaru" blog, not saying those blogs are terrible but I want mine to mean more.  Right now it's not doing anything for me so I'm still going to be changing a few things around.  My blog is almost like a Diary so it's really special to me.  

Anyone interested in my personal life remember the hot older guy who I thought I never had a chance with well he actually admitted to me that he likes me and in his own words he "thinks I'm hot as fuck" but he doesn't want to get too close to anybody because he might be returning to his hometown which is Seattle.  I'm not too upset about it though because he's an extremely interesting guy.  EXTREMELY.  I would like to tell you guys the reason he's out here but it's very personal and scary (in my opinion).  It's super shocking and unexpected I never thought I'd meet anyone like him LOL.  If you guys want to know what it is just comment and I'll tell you next post.  He won't be mad if I put it on my blog (it's not like it'll effect him anyways) and he told basically everyone at work about it. 

There's nothing really update worthy about my Gyaru progress; my make up has improved greatly but whenever I take a picture on my camera the flash causes it to look terrible so I'm working on getting a better quality camera.  My make nowadays looks extremely like Serina's: eyeliner overload and sliver going all through my waterline.  Next post I promise to show you guys but I'll take the picture with my phone!


Lastly I want to talk about Influenster.com on their website they describe themselves as a community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence.  Basically they send their members products to review on their youtubes, blogs, or websites.  I decided to apply and became a member and they sent me a package of products too review.  I'm super excited!!  They sent me amazing things that I've always wanted to try!  Be ready for updates on these products, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

Here's my package, sorry for the terrible picture!

PROACTIVE! I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this stuff.

Vitabath Body Wash, it smells like cake frosting!!!

Lastly, Venus Razor

Thank you sooooooooooo much for reading!!!  I will be reviewing these products! :)


  1. Wow-- cool website! o: I love free stuff... and doing reviews. I might have to jump on that...

    I'm excited for the review(s)~~.

    Also, holy crap: how much weight have you lost overall now? o.o

    Anyway, I LOVE that wrist-ribbon/bow thing. It's super adorbs. And your blog background's pretty cool. 8) Not quite as 'uninspiring' as you think it is, I promise.

    P.S. What all is Mr.Interesting doing away from Seattle?

  2. Thanks for following,hun :)
    Your blog is cute and so are you!!
    The gloves are amazing *__*

  3. @Noxin Yeah I wasn't expecting such awesome products! :) And I don't know the specifics of how much weight I've lost but I started at 135. And I'll tell you guys next post!

    @Mika THANKS for following me I really like your blog! I got the gloves from Claires :)