Randomness !!

Sooooooo sorry I haven't posted these past few days for me have been super insane.
Thanksgiving was busy because I had to help my mom cook and I made a cake :) :)

Also  I had to work ten hour shifts all this weekend because of all the Black Friday stuff that was going.  I seriously thought I was going to pass out after each shift.  To add on to the stress Mr. Hottie left :( yep he quite his job.  It wasn't some spur of the moment thing he's been telling everyone for a while because he's found a better job.  All this week I've been feeling super depressed about it.  But there's still a chance I'll be able to work with him again because he referenced me at his job; they're looking for me more people to hire.  Before you guys think I'm some creepy stalker please realize I've been looking for a second job for a while and his new job is only down the street from my house.  It's a really great opportunity.  Seeing him would just be a bonus.  The last words he said to me before he left was call me.  And I want to sooooooo badly but at the moment I'm sticking to texting because I'm too chickenshit.

I don't really have any Gyaru related updates, I really would like to 
start wearing falsies but i've been so busy with work, my book, and applying to colleges.  It's the last thing on my mind.  But I will improve very soon!  I also bought some more hair lately I've become this 
hair extension addict.  The red hair I have just isn't enough me :) :).  I plan to order two more packs then I'm finally getting my hair done I pray that it'll look cute.  Also I was reading Tomo's blog and she has this awesome blue greenish wig and it made me want to buy a pink wig.  I've wanted a pink wig for a long time but I'm terrified to order online because of how bad some colored wigs can turn out to be.  Seeing her rock that wig has really sparked my interest again.  I would seriously be unable to take off my pink wig if it's the way I want it too look.  


  1. Falsies don't take much effort. Just glue on the band, put on your eyelids and ready to go. And I want to do a bright color with my hair! I might ombre the ends either pink, blue or blond
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  2. lol GET THAT PINK WIG BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @Najia Thanks for the advice and I'll definitely join your giveaway :)

    @Tomo LOL! XD