Busy !

This month I've been so busy!  Work is taking up 98% of my time now that it's Christmas season I'm working 9 hour shifts five days in a roll.  That's why I haven't been updating as much as I normally do I've been way too tired to make a decent post.  Nothing other then that has been happening but I finally got my hair extensions/weave in the the mail and I'm so excited to have it installed!  So now I have a pack of 12 inch hair, 14 inch, and 16 inch and I hope to have it all installed whenever I get to the stylist.  (praying for next week)  I also bought a new foundation it's from the New IMAN cosmetics line and It's amazing, seriously!  It's not my exact shade but it really gives me some good coverage. :) :)

----Personal Post Below----

So now that my guy friend is at his new job and even though I never see him ( we rarely text ) I think about the dude 24/7 LOL it's really tiring.  I like him so much and I thought my feelings would fade since I wouldn't see him every day but I feel like they're only getting stronger.  UGGH.  Also another guy at my job is so obviously crushing on me.  He's being extra friendly, extra nice, extra touchy feely, and it's making me feel awkward because I like him a lot...as a friend.  He doesn't give me the same feeling as the other guy it's more of a friendly vibe type thing.  And I definitely cannot picture myself doing anything physical with the guy d LOL ;)  I miss Rere ( my Nickname for Mr .Hottie LOL ) he makes me feel so nervous but a good nervous.  I want to be with him but I feel like there are so many obstacles.  Like I'm not his type AT ALL his type is short, blond, 100 pounds, go go dancer type girls which I am obviously not.  But even though I'm not his type he acts like he's into me like he calls me sweetie and he seems genuinely nervous and shy whenever he's around me.  IDK it's so confusing...

That's it for now I'll leave you guys with pictures of my make of the day.  Sorry for the extreme oiliness.  

My hair wasn't like this, it was just a boring ponytail and I just took it out :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I just got my hair done last week <3
    I hope you like your new hair and I can't wait to see it (:
    Cute blog <3