I know there are A LOT of African American Gals (beginning,Old School, New Gen, ETC) and I'm also an African American Gal (obviously :]) and I have a tip for the girls who really want that wavy Gyaru hair.  Obviously most of us have kinky and thick hair (not that it's wrong to be natural or relaxed) I actually love my natural hair texture but sometimes I want to expand my horizons.  So after researching on different types of weaves or extensions I found a great place to purchase some really amazing weave/extensions that I believe would really benefit Black Gals (or any Gal for that matter).  I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard of Virgin Indian Remy or Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, etc.  Well there's a website called Aliexpress (very similar to Ebay) where you can get some amazing quality hair for a really affordable price.  For example if you go to a beauty supple to purchase some hair the price is determined by the length and the longer the length the higher the price especially if it's Human, Remy, or Indian Remy.  Well on Aliexpress the 'vendor' or person selling the hair determines the price and most of the time the hair will stay the same price no matter the length.

Honestly I have yet too purchase any hair because I already have three bags that need to be installed but once that hair gets old I'm definitely buying some Aliexpress hair.  My only warning with this is you can't touch the hair, you don't know the thickness, sometimes you may have to pay a shipping fee, the hair may smell, etc (which is why you should wash it once it get it) that's why you should read all the reviews the vendor receives so you won't get some bad hair.  There's also a bunch of Youtube reviews of Aliexpress hair if you really want an in depth look.   I really hope this helped even a little :). 

Remember THERE'S NO RULES IN GYARU :] if you want to rock natural locks DO IT but if you want to have some good quality extensions just check out the links.  

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Youtube Reviews 


  1. wholesalewigsonline.com highly recommend..
    I personally purchased a lot of real human hair extentions from wholesalewigsonline.com
    i got my hair so fast and it is absolutely the softest, most beautiful hait i have ever seen it is always smooth and delightful,this hair is amazing! excellent quality and durability ,it is easy to work with and maintain

  2. Hmm great post. This was helpful, maybe when I feel like getting new hair ill check these sites out. I also kinda like going to the hair store so I can see the hair and touch it to see if i really like it.

  3. @Iesha Thanks, I'm trying to make better posts :)

    @Loong Will definitely have a look

    @Banny Thanks for commenting :) hope this post was helpful!