~ ❤ New Years Resolutions! ❤ ~

Recently I haven't been blogging as much as I normally do and it's only because I haven't had the strength too.  Working at a department store during the holidays really takes a lot of energy out of a person LOL.  As you can tell I've changed my blog a little because I want to start the new year with something well...new.  Hope you guys like it, I love it I'm definitely starting to fall for the whole Juicy Couture brand.

Onto my New Years Resolutions -

                                   Go back to School
                                    Save Money
                                   ❤  Get back into acting 
                                    Improve my Gal Style
                                   Meet other people into Gyaru
                                   Get an Apartment
                                    Update Youtube more often
                                   Get tattoo
                                   Become Healthier
                              Publish my Novel

That's pretty much it, thanks for reading :)

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