Not another depressing post ! *Boy Troubles...again*

Sorry guys but it's time for another depressing personal post.

Sorry :( my mind is just going crazy right now.  Of course it's about a guy.  The guy.  A guy who I really really REALLY grew to like.  (as most of you probably already know)  It's so weird when we first met he was the one trying to pursue me but I told myself not to like him because I hate it when a lot of girls like the guy I want.  But you know what my stupid self did I decide to get attached to him.  At first it was great I love talking to him and we have some much in common but now for some reason he's ignoring me.  Or he says he's busy at his new job.  But you can't leave a text, a good night, a good morning, nothing??  And when he does text me and I reply he rarely replies back.

Maybe I'm being over dramatic but I like him A LOT.  And I hate being led on or ignored.  If you don't like me tell me so I can cry then get on with my life.

I wish I didn't like him at all it would take off a lot of the stress building on me.  Now I think he probably found some other girl more his type at his new job :'(  Even though I'm freaking annoyed and angry whenever he texts me I get so happy it's unbelievable how quickly my mood shifts.  My friend tells me I'm not aggressive enough and I should just tell him how I feel, I wish I could.  This happens to me a lot there's always  a guy who leads me into thinking they're so into me than they just drop off the face of the earth.  I just want a good guy that's it.  Maybe I'm over thinking all of this...

Sorry Guys for the depressing post, I just feel sad right, thanks for reading :)

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