I wish I were in a Gal Circle...

Whenever I do my heavy Gal make up I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get a lot of stares.  Normally they're really positive never negative except once my coworkers were making fun of me once because I had on a lot of glitter highlighter.  But they were just joking.  The point of me writing this is it's annoying that no one knows anything about Gyaru fashion.  Sometimes I wish someone would recognize that I'm trying to do Gyaru make up.  It would be really amazing to have friends into the same style as me.  I know this is every Gal's dream.  Most of us Gaijin gals typically don't have people around us into Gyaru fashion so it becomes harder to really practice and have people critique your looks (having a blog or going on forums does help).  I think that's why they create Galcirs it's more or less to gain friends into Gyaru friends.  Of course I could never create a Galcir because I'm not exactly a professional at the style just yet.  

But there is a Gal Circle in my area!! 

When I first learned about this I was so excited, finally there's other people into the same style as I am!

The only problem is I'm super super SUPER terrified of joining.  I know this sounds like a really stupid reason not to try to join but I'm the type of person whose hard on themselves.  I like things that I do to be perfect.  I don't like to take pictures of my make up unless I think it looks good enough.  I just don't think I look good enough to be in a Gyaru circle.  But I would love to join, it would be a dream come true to be able to talk to other people about this stuff.  I just don't think I'm good enough.

On another not look what I got in the mail today!! SO EXCITED!!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I want those lashes too =) Can`t wait to see how they look on you ^^

  2. for me you should join :) doesn't matter the "level" you are now, no one stop to improve :) you should join

  3. Aww ignore those people who make fun of me some people are just simple minded its there loss your beautifull and they can't see it its there problem not yours ^_^