Make Update, Randomness & Rants !!


I only posted my eyes because I felt like my entire face made me look extra derpy; the eyes is the only thing that matters right now.  So what do you guys think???  I have yet to add false eyelashes but I will veeeeeeery soon.  In real life my make up is very VERY BOLD.  Close to Serina bold but not quite.  I think I"m getting close though :).

My Christmas was actually better than I thought it would be.  My sister got me some Victoria's Secret and she also got me...


Getting these was probably the highlight of my Christmas. :)  New Years was so boring it's best I don't even write about it.  This year I do plan to do a lot more things than I did last year.  I want to stand out more and be louder and sexier.  Be wild be sexy DUH !  I totally mean it this time.  I want to become known where ever I am (whatever that means).  Also I've started to really get into Ora Ora Kei, like seriously into it.  I love it sooooooooooo much.  It's sexy and tough not so cutsy and boring like how most Gyaru kei is seemingly becoming.  I remember reading once on Gyaru Secrets a few weeks ago someone asked why  seemingly most Black Gals are more into Old Gen Gyaru style.  The reasons people put had me floored and I couldn't help but LOL.  They were saying how it's because of our skin tone and you can't see natural make on us.  Blah BLAH BLAH.  It was so stupid I couldn't help but  laugh.  Anyone can pull off natural make as long as they have the right neutral colors.  It's common sense.  And I feel like we like the old Gen style because of the old Gen attitude.  That's why I like it anyways.  OLD GEN FOREVER !  I think you can still have the Old gen attitude but dress in the New Gen way.  Most girls don't understand that.  They think there's rules in Gyaru.  No Bitch they're isn't any.  Which is why a lot of people are beginning to look the same.  I just hope when I start posting pictures of my coordinates I won't seem like some clone.  

Sooooooooooooo sorry for the overly bold and italicized rant. LOL !  Please comment and follow :)


  1. Your make up looks fabulous :D I honestly really like it :D When I first saw it I thought you already had falsies on.

  2. Your make-up looks great, I want to try something like that too! I feel I`m stuck in this very casual style and want to change that :3 So thanks for sharing (and I love those pumps!) =)