Acting Classes ?

Hey guys, lately I haven't had much to write about.  All I've been doing is working and it's seriously driving me insane.  I don't think I can do just this for another six months, seriously.  I'm applying to go back to college as soon as possible, I'm thinking of trying to go to a university.  But if not I don't mind going to a community college for now.  I'm also thinking of taking individual acting classes, individual meaning it won't be at the college but will be a stand alone acting school.  I looked for some around my area and there's one that's really gotten my attention.  There's a class on how to give an effective monologue, auditions, scene studies.  Everything I truly want to learn.  *__*  I'm planning on uploading a monologue on Youtube soon, when I do please watch and support me LOL!  I will do my best to entertain you guys! 

I also tried to do a Rihanna braid today, I don't know if it turned out too well but I got some compliments!  People were staring at me like they've never seen a person with a long braid before!  Also if you guys are interested I finally started my new Teen Fiction novel and everything seems to be going smoothly so far I hope to publish it this summer!  I don't want to reveal too many details yet but it is a comedic fantasy romance set in present day about a really lazy girl. :)

Thank you for reading! XD


  1. I think Rihanna's braid is a fishtail :)
    Yours looks nice too ;)

  2. Ah-- I like your rendition of Rihanna's hair. <33 Did you think about trying to do the fishtail braid, or was that already/obviously gonna' be waaaayyy too much effort to put into one day's hair. o: Fishtail braids intimidate me-- thye look so difficult to do~~.

    Anyway, your makeup is on point, too. <333 Love it.

    Oh yeah, and I tagged you back at my blog~. [ http://occasionallycute.blogspot.com/2012/02/ootd-tagged-survey-answers.html ] (No pressure, though-- I usually ignore when I'm tagged. Haha. I am awfuulll~~.)

  3. Your hair looks nice :3
    Although her braid is a fishtail braid ^^
    Good luck with the acting classes!