Wouldn't it be awesome if we could just say those words than transform into in ideal Gyaru.  Yeah right... I wish.  But lately my life has been so consumed in work that I haven't had time for anything Gyaru.  Just a week or two ago I had to work everyday of the week including Saturday and Sunday.  It's just too much at the moment it makes me not want to wear so much make up since I have to wake up super early.  I know this sounds like excuses but it's really effecting me.  I love my job very much I just wish I didn't have to work so damn much!!  I told them about this and they told me since I'm working part time I shouldn't be working every single day of the week so they cut out two days for me.  Thank God, seriously.  So anyways I'm took out my red hair extensions, THEY SUCK SO BAD!!!  The only good thing about this hair is the color everything else completely sucks.  Anyways I ordered some cheap weave and some clips so I can just make my own clip in extensions.  I'm going to give my hair a rest from the sew in weave until my next big hairstyle, I have something big (and expensive -_-) planned for my next hair style which includes a pink rose color.  

I don't have a good excuse for not wearing my lashes except I don't want to waste them at work, my job is so unglamourous.  Even the make up department girls barely wear any make up.  I do wear make up but lately I just haven't been feeling like it.  To get back into Gyaru seriously back into it, I'm planning on purchasing some wigs.  Some GOOD ones, not anything super plastic looking.  I would post pictures of them but the website has them copyrighted, MEH.  Anyways about the clip ins, I bought some clips, a needle, thread, and the hair but I'm super nervous I won't do them right so I've been watching a lot of How-to Youtube videos.  With clip ins I'll be able to create that super volumed look because my real hair is super thick I just need the length.  That's it for the update, also on my side bar if you noticed I put a small link to Ricoche.net because I feel like the better Gyaru resource communities aren't as lively as they use to be.  So if any newer Gals come across my blog they'll know some good resource sites.  :)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. you don't need an excuse for not doing gyaru, you're grown up and at work alot, just busy, like most people are. trust me no one blames you for not wanting to do all that in the morning! don't feel bad, and don't be too hard on yourself or you'll get too stressed~ good luck on the extensions :3