Today for some reason everything felt like it was just going wrong.   WRONG WRONG WRRROOOOONG!!!  I hate days like these.  Work was long, overbearing, and annoying.  I can't wait until I go back to school I'm going to make sure whatever career I decide on having has nothing to do with department stores or cashiering.  I had to work eight hours and I felt like I was going to explode because of how busy I was.  I had to put people on breaks and nobody seemed to want to come back on a timely manner.  Than I had to clean, then I had to run back and forth from third floor to first floor to get the women's department supplies while pulling this heavy ass cart on this stupid elevator which I think is going to shut down any minute.  Then my manager yelled at me so now I think I might be fired soon.  Everyone keeps telling me she won't fire me but I'm still worried so now I'm going to start searching for another job.  I NEED to go back to school ASAP but it's so hard for me to apply because I'm worried I'm not smart enough.
Okay, I'm not stupid.  In high school I always got the best grades especially in English and the teachers loved me but for some reason when I started my first year of college everything went downhill.  I think it's because so many negative things happened to me last year.  I won't even list them but they're really messed me up.  I see people I work with who've had the same boring, bland, meaningless job for years and it terrifies me.  I have so many goals and staying at a stupid department store is definitely not one of them.  At first I wanted to major in Political Science but now I don't know so much.  For some reason I've become more interested in things like promo modeling, acting, and maybe being an entertainment journalist.  My mom tells me I'm beautiful and I should try commercial modeling or acting as if it's that easy.  It takes more than a beautiful face to entertain people.  I still plan to become a flight attendant as soon as I experience what it feels like to be on a plane I'm definitely signing on!  Sorry guys for the personal rant I just had to let it out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You look gorgeous in those pictures. And I can definitely see you being a model for commercials or other adverts.

  2. Lol well that's just how retail jobs are. I do it everyday and I work at least 6-9 hours a day xD It fucking sucks :3
    Good luck with everything though~

  3. @Crystallyzed Thanks! <3

    @Banny Thanks :) and yes they totally do suck!