I hate the summer.... another personal post !!

I bet you're wondering who in the world actually hates the summer.  It's hot, no school, you can wear whatever you want blah blah blah.  But I seriously hate and dread the summer and have ever since I was in middle school. When I was younger I loved the summer because it meant going to my Dad's house who lives in the country.  Then around the time when I was in eighth grade I was in a terrible storm with a tornado during the summer and for some reason that event scarred me for a while and I became terrified of summer thunderstorms.  Then after going through that I started having issues and such with my body and I started to become too self conscious to wear things like shorts and really tight shirts.  I even wore thick jackets even though it would be 90 degrees outside and it still effects me now.  I guess I'm writing this post because the summer is coming soon and I still feel somewhat the same way and I don't want this to effect my Gal style growth.  I've always had major issues with my body (as with most people).   I've even started thinking if getting plastic surgery done because of how much it actually effects me.

It's so annoying!!  Life is too short to be so obsessive about your body and looks.  I hate thinking this way I wish I had an 'easier' body.  Normal breasts, normal legs, arms etc.  Even if I were fat it would still be better than the body I have now.  I hate thinking like this because they're people in the world with no arms, no legs, no ears, etc and they live they're lives happily.  I wish I could just be happy with I have and just move on but it's not that easy.  People tell me all the time that i'm 'beautiful'.  I can't even count the number of times a complete stranger has complimented my eyes.  Sometimes I wonder why they say that about me or why people stare at me.  In middle school my self esteem was much worse muuuuuuuuuuch worse but as I've grown older it's gotten a lot better but there's still those little kinks that won't get out of my mind.  This might be why I haven't posted any coordinates (that or I need to get a better mirror) but I just want to stop these thoughts and get them out of my mind.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to look like this

Or this....

I want to live life carefree and be happy with myself.  I know I'm not perfect but maybe that's not such a terrible thing.  Maybe it might just make me unique.  Life is so so SOOOOOO much more than looks.

Sorrry guys for such a depressing post I know everyone goes through this every so often in their life.  Thank you for reading and please don't judge me.  <3


  1. I've had body issues for as long as I can remember. forever on a diet... I've actually had plastic surgery but that is really something you should think twice about, because first of all it's a lot of money, and if you don't like your entire body except for the one thing you want to change, it's not a good idea because you'll just start finding "errors" everywhere. but still, I think feeling good about your body is a big part of being happy, and if surgery can fix things that makes you truly unhappy, there's not anything wrong with it. I thought about it for 2 years before I actually did it. people here have been bitching so much about what I've done though, maybe it's because it's not that common in Sweden.
    I think you're super pretty though and your hair is amazing!

  2. we need to talk more. add me on fb foo! and skype @ tomojewel20<333

  3. @Annie Thanks for the advice! And thank you! :)

    @Tomo Yeah add meh!!!

  4. Ditto! For me I used to hate summer (especially when I was a teenager) too because my arms are really fat and flabby and have scars from a car accident, so I had a hard time enjoying wearing shirts that were flattering but not too hot. I still have the same problem arms, I just found cute work-arounds and shirts that make me feel waaayyyy better. Couple that with making new, positive friends or staying in touch with your current besties, I grew to really love summer now that I am an adult. Good luck to you!